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Journal 10-9

From the beginning of the movie I noticed that Victor was annoyed by Thomas Builds-a-Fire. The flashbacks shown throughout the movie show how when victor was young and Thomas annoyed him he would beat him up. To Thomas Victor was his friend but in reality Victor didn’t think of him in that way. I think once Victor accepted the help that Thomas offered him it became the first step for them to bond and a real friendship to form. Even though throughout the whole trip he was annoyed by Thomas he tried helping him by telling him to act tough like a real Indian so he wouldn’t get taken advantage of.

Victor hated when Thomas talked about his father Arnold because he always said he didn’t know him like he did. He had anger against Thomas because Arnold went back to the burning house and instead of saving him he saved Thomas although he didn’t mean to. That anger was what kept him from being friend with Thomas as well and he couldn’t get over it. When they were driving back to the reservation and yelled so many things at each other is when I think Victor noticed he was wrong and took Thomas’s words deep to heart. After the crash I think Victor’s relationship with Thomas was much closer because they were both connected by Victor’s father.

Although Thomas continued to be as annoying as always Victor was thankful for him going all the way to Phoenix with him because he finally put a good closure to his relationship with his father.Thomas and Victor might have not been the closest friends by the end of the movies but i’m sure they are willing to help each other out when ever they needed help.


Journal 9-3

Sherman Alexie the author of The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fist Fight in Heaven is an Indian who unlike any other Indians before him makes the courageous decision to leave the reservation. He grew up witnessing fights between his family members and his parents always falling asleep drunk on their bed. In his reservation everyone was expected to be either a basketball player or a powwow dancer. Of course Alexie didn’t want to be neither of those so he left the reservation in search of a better future. Even though he did succeed and has written many books now there were many advantages and disadvantages to it.

For being Indian he was treated differently and not the same as the typical American Caucasian person this was a great disadvantage. His brown skin made him Indian but on the inside he felt white because he wanted to find a better life out of the reservation this is why he compared himself to an apple. Indians are thought of being slow and drunk all the time but Alexie proved that he isn’t one of those ordinary Indians and that he had better plans for himself. Also starting new in a different place must have been difficult for Alexie if he had nobody that wanted to help him because of the discrimination.

The major advantage of leaving the reservation was being able to better his life and change the way people say Indians. Leaving behind all his bad child hood memories and forgetting in a new place must have been great for him. He finally got to pursue his dream and wrote many books, this is something that wouldn’t have happened if he would have continued living at the reservation. This was a life changing event that he took advantage of in the right way.


Journal 8-1

When you’re an Indian trapped in a reservation were all people do is drink, smoke and fight how much hope can there be? In the book The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven, you grow up and as a small child witness your own family drunk and beating each other. That’s no way of showing that you have hope for a good future or life in a reservation. When only your mother raises you because your father decides to leave you is when you start to think if living the way you do is the cause of it. What is left to give you strength to want to succeed and become better than that?

            At the reservation all the kids do is smoke and drink to forget about things that may be going on in their lives or maybe even because they figure since their parents do it its fine for them to do it as well. The people living at this reservation really have no plan for their future because they just watch each other grown and do the same. I think Alexie wrote this book to show how life in a reservation was for him or how he thought of reservation life. All these events that happened throughout his life helped him make his choice of leaving the reservation. Even though it wasn’t what a “typical” Indian would do his mom is very proud of him and all he has accomplished.

            He wants his readers to see how there isn’t just one path to choose from but that no matter what you may be you should choose what you enjoy doing.


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